What are you listening to?

When I’m at my desk at home working on my job search, volunteer projects or whatever, I typically listen to talk radio (97.3 KIRO FM).  I listen, but don’t always hear.  Does that make sense?  It becomes background noise for me.  I’ve always loved music, but music can distract me and then I can’t focus on what I should be doing.  And complete silence is VERY distracting.

I’ve been working on a writing project today for a friend and the guys on talk radio started to annoy me.  It was time to pull out some old CDs.  Oh, my…

Started with an old Chuck Mangione album, “Feels so Good,” from 1977.   It’s a jazz/pop instrumental CD.  Plays the flugelhorn.  (You don’t hear that word very often, do you?)

Then I moved to a CD by Dehner Franks.  He used to play the piano in the lobby of the Rainier Bank building when WaMu had a bunch of us housed there years ago.  I’d go down to the lobby at lunchtime to listen to him play on a beautiful grand piano.  Now I’m listening to Etta James.  I really cannot concentrate or focus now.  Not only does she have a great voice, her back-up musicians are terrific.

Okay, so I have to make a choice now.  Continue listening to Etta and moving to the beat or should I get back to work?

What are you listening to?  And why?

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