It was a very good year

World Champs - 1979 Seattle SuperSonics

Thirty-five years ago this month, the Seattle Super Sonics were the NBA World Champs. And I graduated from Puget Sound Christian College in the same month.

June 1979 was the end of my senior year, and not only were we all going nuts writing papers, taking tests, rehearsing for The Sound of Music, and all the typical senior-type activities, but the Sonics were a real distraction since they kept winning games. Their names and statistics became as familiar to me as my own.

One friend, Lynnette, was such a huge fan that I think she spent more time at the Key Arena as she did at school. I went to the Seattle Center Coliseum (now the Key Arena) with her several times and we would wait in the player’s parking lot to say hi to the players as they drove in. Because they’d seen her so often, they knew who she was, so I got up close to several of the guys. Also saw a few games with her.

I loved “our guys” – Coach Lenny Wilkens, Jack Sikma, “Downtown” Freddie Brown, Dennis “DJ” Johnson, Gus “The Wizard” Williams, Wally Walker (the best legs in the NBA), and the others. Sigh…


My favorite memory happened during the last game of the championship series against the Washington Bullets. It was being played at the same time as the College’s dinner to honor the graduating seniors. It was a lovely dinner…but what were we to do? We grabbed our plates, ran to one of the conference rooms where someone had stashed a small black & white TV, and watched the game. The administration was not happy with us. But I choose to believe that they were jealous and wished they were with us watching the game. Ha!

As soon as time ran out, we all screamed and danced and celebrated with the rest of the state of Washington. Then we went back and joined the dinner. I don’t remember the rest of the evening but I do remember the Sonics winning the championship. It was a very good year.



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