Ugh…I have priority paralysis!

It’s not an official diagnosis but everywhere I turn, there are things to do. Some fit into the “really need to be done” category and “really want to do” category. I struggle with priority paralysis – what do I do first?

A couple of the things really need to do include finding an income. I don’t know if that’s a full-time job, a contract position, or maybe even freelance work. Since I have bills to pay, I need to figure it out. Unfortunately, when looking for jobs, I get overwhelmed because every job description seems to have different skill requirements – CSS? CMS? SEO? SAAS? Adobe InDesign? Google Analytics? Huh? Sigh…what should I learn? So I look at my other list…

On my other list are things like working on two of my volunteer positions. One group is hosting the annual conference this summer and I’m in charge (surprised?) of a couple of committees. This will be fun to work on. And for the other organization, I need to work on job descriptions, policies and procedures, marketing ideas, strategies, and so on. Again, I find this very fun to do. And there are books to read, movies to watch, closets to clean, genealogies to research, documents to scan, VHS tapes to get rid of, goodies to bake, etc. (Yeah, I know they don’t sound like fun to anyone else but me…)

Duffy and Priority Paralysis

So I think I’m going to follow the example of Duffy, this wise soul from the early 80’s…I’m going to lunch.


Beginnings, middles or endings?

Many years ago, when I was fairly new to the communications role at WaMu, I asked for a mentor in Corporate Communications.  Leslie and I met for a year, and I learned so much from her.

I remember our first meeting when she asked me whether I preferred beginnings, middles or endings. An unusual question, I thought, but it’s come back to me over and over. Since I know now that I love beginnings, I’m aware that I jump into new projects, books, tasks, etc. because they’re new and exciting. (I’ve told you about my ADOP issues…)

I’m okay with middles. They’re still interesting and I still want to do them, but there are always new things around the corner so it’s easy for me to lose my focus.

Endings. Not as good with endings. I have several unfinished cross-stitch projects, scrapbooks and various research projects and half-read books… Of course, there are dependencies: how long will it take to get to the end, how interesting is the activity  and is there a deadline?

I have the best of intentions but there are so many things I want to do!

Recognizing that I love beginnings is helping me better manage the things on my list. I try not to buy books until I can read and get rid of others. I try to not say yes when approached with something new and fun…oh, but it’s hard.

So how about you? Do you prefer beginnings, middles or endings? And why?

photo courtesy subarticmike

Just like playing the piano

Starting a blog is just like playing the piano.  Well, not exactly.  Let me explain.

When I was in my 20’s, I would play the piano at weddings.  There was a process: you’d meet with the bride and/or groom, get a sense of what kind of music they liked and didn’t like, meet with and practice with the soloists, and all that.  Then it was time to start playing the prelude music at the wedding.  The first note was always the hardest.

The first note broke the silence and made everyone look at me – for a moment.  Then they would return to their conversations and I could play without thinking that everyone was waiting for me to make a mistake.

Starting a blog is a lot like that.  I’ve been going through the process: thinking, planning, researching.  But now it’s time to start.  Just do it.  But the first note — or the first word — has been the hardest.

So I’ve broken the silence.  I’ve started writing my blog.  Now I can play — um, write.

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