Take Another Trip to Hope Harbor: Sandpiper Cove

Reading Sandpiper Cove was like taking a wonderful trip back to Hope Harbor and seeing old friends. This is the third book in the series Hope Harbor series by Irene Hannon but if you haven’t read the first, it’s okay. You’ll still feel right at home.

Here’s my review from the second book in the series: Sea Rose Lane.

SandpiperCoveLexie, the police chief, and Adam, the ex-con, are dealing with different issues that they need to work through. The author does a great job of developing these characters in such a believable way so that you care about them and about this seaside village on the Oregon Coast. Someone is vandalizing and stealing from properties in the area, and Lexie engages to Adam to use his past experience to get involved. Will they be able to find the culprits?

There’s a spiritual aspect in this story that is very natural. The book is not preachy; the faith content is subtle and shows up more in how they live their lives than in the words that are said.

Another thing I really enjoyed: characters from earlier books are here…there’s Charley and his taco truck, Luis, BJ…and the friendly banter between the Catholic priest and the Protestant priest.

I enjoyed my trip back to Hope Harbor. According to Irene Hannon’s website, we can look forward to two more trips in the future. Count me in!

I received a free book from Revell Publishing (a division of Baker Publishing Group)  in exchange for an unbiased review.



I want to go to Hope Harbor!

Look at that – two book reviews in a week! My schedule has been a little lighter lately, so I’ve had more time to read. Never enough time, of course, but I won’t complain. My TBR (to be read) pile keeps growing because there are just so many good books. And speaking of good books…this is one I really enjoyed. You know, if Hope Harbor and the townspeople were real, I would make a reservation at that bed and breakfast.

Sea Rose Lane, written by Irene Hannon, takes place on the Oregon coast. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere on the Oregon coast, so as the author started describing the sights, sounds, and smells of Hope Harbor, I was hooked.Sea Rose Lane by Irene Hannon

The story begins with Eric and BJ’s inauspicious meeting as Eric returns to Hope Harbor after getting laid off at his job in the big city. Once at his childhood home, he finds that his dad is turning it into a bed and breakfast. Not only that, BJ is the architect and crew chief for the construction team.

Eric has returned home to lick his wounds and to find a new job. BJ Stevens moved to Hope Harbor not too long ago also looking for a fresh start. Both of them are working through some hurts, so they’re not exactly ready for a relationship – with anyone.

The book has several storylines and a few eclectic characters that add flavor to the book. After their introductory meeting, Eric and BJ keep running into each other, eventually working together on a project that would help the town’s senior citizens (among others). I think this was the storyline that I found most satisfying.

This is a sweet and clean romance, with a little bit of faith woven throughout.

I received a free book from Revell Publishing (a division of Baker Publishing Group) in exchange for an unbiased review.

Book review: Every Bride Has Her Day

Another quick book review for you! This was a fun read.

Katie has been engaged for less than a day and already everyone has a plan or idea for her wedding to pro-basketball player, Brady James. She can hardly get a word in edgewise as her friends, co-workers, and family members begin planning her big day. How does a girl get the wedding she wants without hurting feelings?
Every Bride Has Her Day

This book, Every Bride Has Her Day, written by Janice Thompson, is the third and final book of her Brides with Style series. You don’t have to read the earlier books to enjoy this one, but if you want to know how Katie gets her wedding dress and meets Brady, you really should read them all.

This is a sweet romance with some fun and quirky characters. Because Katie works at a bridal shop in Dallas, there are several stressed-out brides, proposals, and weddings throughout the book. There’s also some tension, conflict, and drama.

It’s a fun, easy read and will make you smile.

I received a free book from Revell Publishing (a division of Baker Publishing Group) in exchange for an unbiased review.

Book review: Murder Comes By Mail

In Murder Comes By Mail, Michael Keane is a deputy sheriff in the small town of Hidden 51nasamaf5l-_sx322_bo1204203200_Springs who does a good deed that goes very bad.

After saving a suicidal man who is trying to jump from a bridge, Michael becomes the town hero (which is embarrassing) and the target of the murderer (which is scary). Soon after the event, a woman is murdered and a package with photos arrives in the mail.

Michael begins to wonder if the man he saved from the bridge is somehow responsible. On the bridge, the man said, “You’ll wish you’d pushed me.” But now they can’t find him… As the body count increases, Michael must find the culprit and stop him.

This is a good story. It fits into the category of a cozy mystery, even though there are a few murders. There is also an element of faith as Michael struggles to trust God. Oh, yeah, and a little romance, too.

The author, Ann H. Gabhart (writing as A.H. Gabhart), has a nice and easy-to-read style. The characters are interesting and some a little quirky. I figured out who the murderer about halfway through the book but I couldn’t wait to see how they were going to catch him. This book is going into the church library.  🙂

I received a free book from Revell Publishing (a division of Baker Publishing Group) in exchange for an unbiased review.

So many books, so little time…

You know I work in my church library, right? And you have to know that I love reading, right? I’ll read anything: books, magazines, food containers…you name it.

Several years ago I joined an organization called Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries (PNACL). It’s a small group, but it’s an awesome group. We all love books and reading, and we want to share the love of these books and the knowledge (or the entertainment) we get from these books.

Yesterday I attended the last meeting of the fiscal year and we all talked about the best books we’ve read recently. The list included fiction and nonfiction, religious and secular, adult and children’s books. I’d read some of them, but added many of them to my already long TBR (to be read) list. Happy sigh…

Last week I also received two books from Revell Publishers to read and review this month.

So I guess I’d better get busy. I’ve got a lot to read!

My problem with reading

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