Book review: Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets, a novel by Irene Hannon, begins with the cover up of a crime told from the perspective of the mastermind. We’re not told how or why the victim was killed but we know that those involved don’t want to be caught.

The story picks up years later when the victim’s remains are found on a construction site. That’s when Lisa Grant, the police chief in a suburb of St. Louis, joins forces with Mac McGregor, a county detective and ex-Navy SEAL. Even though they initially get off on the wrong foot, they are instantly attracted to each other.

The suspense builds as we meet the killers and their desperate and devious attempts to avoid capture.

This book falls under the category of Christian fiction, but it’s very subtle. On her website, the author (award winner and author of more than 45 books) writes:

For me, the faith element is organic to the story because at least one of my main characters has a strong faith that guides his or her life. But my books aren’t preachy. The faith content is subtle and reflected more in characters’ actions than in words. I prefer to show characters living their faith rather than talking about it.

If you like a lot of romance with murder and suspense, you’ll like this book.

I received a free book from Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group) in exchange for an unbiased review.

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