Book Review: The Story Keeper

The Story Keeper, written by Lisa Wingate, an enjoyable and uplifting book of Christian fiction, is really two stories in one. It The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingatebegins when Jen Gibbs arrives at her new publishing job in New York City and finds part of a mysterious and anonymous manuscript on her desk. The author takes us through Jen’s search to find the author and the rest of the manuscript, and, little does she know, Jen is also on a journey to reclaim the missing parts of her soul.

The book jumps back and forth between Jen’s search for the author of this 20-year old manuscript and the manuscript’s poignant tale of Rand, a Charleston preacher, and Sarra, a young mixed-race woman, as they try to escape the evils of men in the late 1800s.

The search for the author takes her back to the backwoods region in North Carolina where she grew up and struggled to escape. Jen was raised in a repressive cult, which still controls her entire family. If not for the intercession of an older woman in the community, Jen would never have had the courage to leave and create a new life.

Jen faces many obstacles while trying to get her first big publishing acquisition. Not only does she have to deal with an author who detests the fame that came with his first books, she has to face her own family’s issues and her own memories and fears. Through the search for the author, Jen slowly begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, the god of her childhood, is not God Almighty. God is more than the limiting and belittling god her father always preached and she begins to heal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderfully written novel and had a very hard time putting it down. The Story Keeper would make for a great weekend read – and I speak from experience there!

I received a free book from Tyndale House Publishers through The Book Club Network, Inc., in exchange for an unbiased review.

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