Pray for Marysville

I don’t know that I have never been so sad and so proud at the same time.

As you may have heard or seen, there was a shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School yesterday. Two students are dead and four others are seriously and critically injured. Hundreds – even thousands – have been affected because of what they witnessed or heard. And it happened here. Less than 15 miles away.Pray for Marysville

Unfortunately, when it happens somewhere else, you feel horror and sadness, but life goes on. But this happened in our back yard. I know people who live and work in Marysville and know some of those involved.

My heart hurts for them all. For all of us.

In the middle of the horror and grief, there is good. My alma mater, Oak Harbor High School, was scheduled to play a football game against Marysville-Pilchuck last night. They chose to forfeit the PLAY-OFF game and take second place. Instead of a playing a game on Friday night, the Oak Harbor players showed up at a vigil in Marysville to support and pray with their rivals. What a classy and mature move. I am so proud of these young men and their coaches. Wow. Other schools in the area chose to wear Marysville’s colors (red and white) at their games.

It’s a horrible thing when young people lose their lives. And it’s deplorable that they lose their sense of safety at school. We all know that bad things happen every day in many places all over the world, but there is also good. Pray for those that are hurting, wherever they may be.

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