I LOVE getting free books!

I have been having the most fun lately – especially as it relates to getting free books.  I guess it started a year ago or so when I received a book via LibraryThing.com. All I had to do was write and post a review of the book. Easy to do.

Books, books and more books!

So I continued to request and receive books to review. Then I started following some of my favorite authors and publishers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Not only do they have contests – which I have begun to enter – they also just do giveaways in return for a share, a like, or a comment. So I’ve been doing that too.

Why do I tell you all this? Because in the last three weeks, I have received (or will be receiving soon) SEVEN paperback books and one ebook. These are all books I have wanted to read, so writing reviews will be easy.

And this doesn’t include the various FREE ebooks I’ve downloaded to my Nook. There are a variety of book groups (e.g., BookBub, BookShout, David C.Cook, Family Fiction, etc.) that send me emails (some daily, others weekly) to let me know about ebooks that are free or inexpensive to download to Nooks and Kindles.

I am a happy girl!

(And I apologize in advance for all the book reviews you’ll see in the next month or two…)

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