Book Review: Titus for You, by Tim Chester

I’m glad I was given the opportunity to review this book, Titus for You, by Tim Chester. The book of Titus doesn’t seem to get Titus-For-Youmentioned very much in our churches and it’s been AGES since I’ve read it – much less studied it.

This is the latest book from the God’s Word for You series from The Good Book Company. It is not meant to be an in-depth commentary but as the publisher states in the preface, it can be read from beginning to end or used as a companion to your personal or group Bible study.

Titus, written by the apostle Paul, is a short book (only 3 chapters), is found toward the end of the New Testament, and at first glance, it seems to be talking mostly about church leadership (e.g., qualifications for elders, etc.) and discipleship. It’s that, but so much more.

One of the key themes of the book of Titus is, I believe, that we must make sure that the GOSPEL – the good news of Jesus – is central to the everyday life of the church and her people, so that the world can be reached for Christ. And this is done by knowing the TRUTH which will produce godliness in believers (not the following of legalistic man-made rules). Paul’s concern is for the CHARACTER of believers – not their age, their hierarchy or gender.

The author has a gift of taking something that could have been confusing to some believers and making it easier to understand. The book is broken into short easy-to-read chapters and includes questions for discussion or reflection.

Words that may be difficult for some readers are bolded and then defined and/or explained in the glossary. (Note: In the e-book, those words are hyperlinked to the glossary.) The book of Titus could have been written to our churches today, and Mr. Chester uses good stories to illustrate many points.

Mr. Chester and I may disagree on some theology, but that won’t stop me from recommending this book. I’m glad to have it in my library, and I’m going to be checking out other books in the series!

I received a free e-book from The Good Book Company through Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an unbiased review.


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