When is it okay to hit a pedestrian?

Okay, I jest…mostly.

Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE working in downtown Seattle. I love the sights, the sounds, and most of the smells. And I find the people fascinating and entertaining…mostly.

Texting while walkingLet’s take tonight, for example. I’m driving on 4th Avenue heading north and stopped at a light. I watch a poor man who has had a few drinks too many in the crosswalk trying to walk in a straight line, get to the other side, and dial his cell phone. It was two tasks too many. Fortunately, he made it safely to the other side (eventually).

Then a block later and another light. A young gal with her nose in her cell phone begins crossing the street not realizing that our light has turned green as she’s about halfway across. The bus driver next to me honks his horn at her. She jumps, but keeps on typing.

Oh, there’s more. A few blocks later, I’ve turned onto Olive. My light is green as I head toward 5th Avenue. A young man (20s? 30s?) starts across 5th in the crosswalk, looks up at my car speeding toward him, and continues walking at the same rate of speed. Okay, I did slow down a little and I did swerve at the last moment, but really? I know that he thought we were playing a game of chicken, but didn’t he realize that I could have easily won that game? And it would hurt!

Almost out of downtown…but wait, there was one more bit of “entertainment.” Olive is a one way road heading east. I’m behind a car in the middle lane who decides to turn left in front of the car beside me. Fortunately, everyone was paying attention and a collision was avoided.

Finally, I got to the freeway and had an easy commute home. Not as entertaining (thank goodness!) but when it comes to pedestrians and collisions, I’ll take boring any time…mostly.

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