Beginnings, middles or endings?

Many years ago, when I was fairly new to the communications role at WaMu, I asked for a mentor in Corporate Communications.  Leslie and I met for a year, and I learned so much from her.

I remember our first meeting when she asked me whether I preferred beginnings, middles or endings. An unusual question, I thought, but it’s come back to me over and over. Since I know now that I love beginnings, I’m aware that I jump into new projects, books, tasks, etc. because they’re new and exciting. (I’ve told you about my ADOP issues…)

I’m okay with middles. They’re still interesting and I still want to do them, but there are always new things around the corner so it’s easy for me to lose my focus.

Endings. Not as good with endings. I have several unfinished cross-stitch projects, scrapbooks and various research projects and half-read books… Of course, there are dependencies: how long will it take to get to the end, how interesting is the activity  and is there a deadline?

I have the best of intentions but there are so many things I want to do!

Recognizing that I love beginnings is helping me better manage the things on my list. I try not to buy books until I can read and get rid of others. I try to not say yes when approached with something new and fun…oh, but it’s hard.

So how about you? Do you prefer beginnings, middles or endings? And why?

photo courtesy subarticmike

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