Write something every day

In early November, I was given this advice by another writer: Write something every day.  I’ve thought about it a lot, but haven’t done much of that. So that’s what I’m going to do. It may not be in this blog, but I’m going to figure out a way to write something.  Every day.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of things to read, write, see, think about and so on. In fact, today I’ve been researching what it would take to become a self-employed writer. My unemployment benefits are going to end soon and so far, I’ve had a bunch of promising interviews but no offers. And that’s okay. For now.

But I’ve been thinking about this more since I have done some writing while unemployed. In addition to writing some training materials, I’ve also written a few case studies, press releases and white papers. And yesterday I submitted two articles to the Snohomish County Business Journal for publication in mid-December.

And I’ve been enjoying my flexible lifestyle…sleep in, run errands, work for a while, have coffee with friends…  I know that to make a living, I’d need to cut back on some of those things but I could do it. I think. I hope.

So I’ve been doing some research today. Looking for ideas, resources, tips and stuff on what it takes to start a business, to find clients, and so on. So I didn’t just put one or two books on hold at the library…I put SEVEN books on hold. And I’ve bookmarked a number of websites to read later.  Good grief.

It looks like I may be spending more time reading than writing…


Grow up already – make your own decisions!

There are times when I’m planning to write in this blog and absolutely nothing comes to mind. And then within seconds, I have a million thoughts. Then the problem becomes sorting through those crazy, random thoughts and deciding which one(s) I should even share. So here’s a random thought that’s been annoying me all day.

Yesterday I read about this pregnant couple who is using the Internet to ask people to vote whether they should keep the baby or abort the baby. Really? Seriously? Regardless of whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, this is ridiculous. Stupid, even. So let’s say THE PEOPLE vote to keep the baby. Are they then going to ask THE PEOPLE about future decisions in raising this child? (Here’s a link to an interview I heard today.)

And what happens when this child gets old enough to Google his or her name and reads about this online poll. What do these “parents” say? “Um, we weren’t sure we could make a decision so we asked THE PEOPLE to help us…”

So let’s say THE PEOPLE vote that they should abort the baby. That takes the pressure off them as parents and adults, doesn’t it? After all, it wasn’t their decision.

Personally, I think they should keep the baby and then give it up for adoption.  Give the child to people who really want to raise a child.  Grrr…

I worry about people who feel they must post everything online and get feedback from total strangers on big decisions. Kinda scary, you know?

So…what do you think I should wear tomorrow?  The gray sweater or the red one?

Google Reader: My new favorite thing

Michael Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, has stolen my thunder andGoogle Reader my blog post.  Okay, not really.  I’ve been hearing about Google Reader for a while but didn’t start using it until last week.  And I love it!

I follow a million blogs, give or take a few thousand.  To read these blogs, I saved them in my bookmarks/favorites and would have to visit them one by one to see if there were any updates.  Really time consuming.

Not anymore!  With Google Reader, I can see at a glance which blogs have been updated recently.  Then I can scan titles and opening lines to see if I want to read them or not.  HUGE time saver for me.

Michael Hyatt has a blog that I love and follow regularly. (I also follow him on Twitter.)  He’s practical, easy to read, funny, motivating, and smart. Last week, he posted this blog, How to Use Google Reader to Keep Up with Your Favorite Blogs, where he shows you how to set up a Google Reader account for yourself.

So at first, I thought he’d stolen my thunder but in actuality, he’s saved me time.  Now instead of typing out all the instructions for you, you can go to his blog for that.  Cool!

Oh, one other cool thing about Google Reader?  While you can only access your Favorites/Bookmarks from your computer, with Google Reader, I can check on my blogs from any computer anywhere.  Love it!

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