Focus, focus, fo–oh, pretty!

Who knew that I would be so easily distracted as I started this blog?  (All my friends are raising their hands right now.)   I think about this blog a lot–what to write, what to say–but I haven’t done much yet.  And then I see all these websites and blogs telling me what needs to be added to my site, how to promote it, how to get followers, what to write…okay, now I’m overwhelmed again.

And since I have a form of ADHD called ADOP (Attention Deficit…oh pretty!), I am SO distracted when I click on links found inside all these blogs ad websites.   All those links with even more information!  The ProBlogger site is packed with information, including this blog posting for newbies like me:  Starting Your First Blog? 29 Tips, Tutorials and Resources for New Bloggers.  And then there’s Marian Schembari’s blog.  She’s written the Ultimate Blog Checklist that I’m working my way through.  And yes, I know there are many, many other blogs, websites, and books I can read to get more info.  But I’m going to attempt to focus and work through these lists a little at a time.  So bear with me as I learn, okay?  And if you have some suggestions, let me know.

Blogging shouldn’t be hard, unless you allow yourself to be distracted by all the “pretty” plug-ins, widgets, and links.  Focus, Diane, focus…


Just like playing the piano

Starting a blog is just like playing the piano.  Well, not exactly.  Let me explain.

When I was in my 20’s, I would play the piano at weddings.  There was a process: you’d meet with the bride and/or groom, get a sense of what kind of music they liked and didn’t like, meet with and practice with the soloists, and all that.  Then it was time to start playing the prelude music at the wedding.  The first note was always the hardest.

The first note broke the silence and made everyone look at me – for a moment.  Then they would return to their conversations and I could play without thinking that everyone was waiting for me to make a mistake.

Starting a blog is a lot like that.  I’ve been going through the process: thinking, planning, researching.  But now it’s time to start.  Just do it.  But the first note — or the first word — has been the hardest.

So I’ve broken the silence.  I’ve started writing my blog.  Now I can play — um, write.

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